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Oh Mickey You're So Fine...

You're so fine you blow my mind!

Lame-Ass Bitches of America...Unite!
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Tired of all these "cool kid" communities making you feel bad?

Don't have a sexy picture to submit?

Does everyone hate you?

Have you done something REALLY lame lately?

Then you're a Lame-Ass Bitch! And we want you in our club!

To join, just fill out this simple application:

1) Name (or nickname)
2) State
3) your 3 favorite bands
4) What makes you lame
5) A totally lame quiz result (like this one):
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in the age of greed, you dominated it all.
you had the attitude, the money, and oh yes, the clothes.
how easy can it be to look red-hot in white jeans?, about as easy as solving the rubik’s cube.
still, you acomplished this great feat and didn’t even get your member’s only jacket dirty.

Also, if you want to submit a picture, you can.

1) All members must fill out an application
2) No hating, flame wars, or ill will of any sort
3) Have fun.

--Your bootylicious mod,